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Schematics from @angular-devkit is a powerful tool for automating project modifications and enhancements. However, like any tool, it has its limitations. Understanding these limitations can help developers anticipate potential issues and plan their development strategies accordingly. Below is a table summarizing the current limitations of Schematics, along with links to related discussions and pull requests on GitHub for more in-depth information and potential workarounds.

LimitationGithub Discussion LinkGithub PR Link
You cannot read the dry-run parameter inside a schematic.
In dry-run mode, sub-schematics are not called.
Dry-run only covers file operation, not executing scripts.
Schematic CLI blank command doesn’t support Package Manager option.Link
NodePackage Installation doesn’t show the right NPM package manager.
You cannot create custom Task.

Understanding these limitations is crucial for developers working with Schematics to navigate around these constraints and find creative solutions. The community is actively discussing these issues, and contributions towards resolving them are always welcome.