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Schematics for Astro

Astro Schematics is here to make your life easier by taking care of repetitive tasks. With it, you can quickly create components, layouts, and pages for your Astro projects. This magic is brought to you by Project Builder.

Get Started in a Snap

Just run this command in your project folder:

Terminal window
npx @pbuilder/cli add @pbuilder/astro

Things to Know

  • Installing the CLI: When you run the above command, it might ask if you want to install something called a CLI (Command Line Interface). Here’s why you should say yes:

    • @pbuilder/astro-cli (or pastro): This special tool is made just for Astro. It makes making new parts of your website (like pages and components) super easy with simple commands.
    • Learning More: If you’re curious about what commands you can do, just add —help to see all your options.

Let’s Create Something


Want to make a new component? Easy peasy:

Terminal window
pastro g c <component-name>


Terminal window
npx @pbuilder/astro-cli g c <component-name>


Need a new layout? Just as easy:

Terminal window
pastro g l <layout-name>


Terminal window
npx @pbuilder/astro-cli g l <layout-name>


For page creation, specify the type (astro is the default one) and layout:

Terminal window
pastro g pg <page-name> --type [md, mdx, astro] --layout <layout file name>

Or use the direct method:

Terminal window
npx @pbuilder/astro-cli g pg <page-name> --type [md, mdx, astro] --layout <layout file name>

What If I Need Something More?

Beyond Astro CLI

Sometimes, you might need a tool that isn’t just for Astro. That’s where @pbuilder/cli comes in. It’s a more general tool that works for a bunch of different projects.

Here’s how you use it:

Terminal window
npx @pbuilder/cli exec @pbuilder/astro <schematic-name> --name=<name> [options]

Like making a component without the Astro-specific tool:

Terminal window
npx @pbuilder/cli exec @pbuilder/astro c --name=MyComponent2